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Jul. 30th, 2010

lite brite mooninite

...in bed

Ate Panda Express today, just like deciding to ante up for theater popcorn with butter, it always seems like a better idea before rather than after... and yet I keep going back for more, imagine that, like I have some deep seeded subconscious masochistic tendency to sabotage my conscious self.

My whole inspiration for blogging today was to share my fortune cookie with you. Fortune cookies have always been novel, I mean they're vague and possess no power to truly foresee the future but less superstitiously some part of you thinks "that would be cool if it were true". Or they at least possess the power to make you chuckle by adding the well known "...in bed" at the end of them. Anyhow, I'll just get to this one and you should already get some idea why I'd decide to share it...


I've yet to settle on whether this is just the most miscalculated and narrowly scoped piece of wish fulfillment ever or a masterly crafted piece of taboo humor.

Jul. 27th, 2010

lite brite mooninite

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Action-RPG

the title says it all... and this

awww, I hate waiting for everything

Jul. 16th, 2010

lite brite mooninite

hilarity ensues

In case this doesn't go viral and you don't get the chance to see it, it's still LOL worthy for sharing, I found this on a forum about some girl that takes being emo to a whole new level, she basically does that YouTube diary crap and it basically amounts to her talking shit about the girls that talk shit about her, then her feelings get broken but she doesn't mind sharing it with the rest of the world, and hilarity ensues...

She Doesn't Give A Fuck then She Gives a Fuck the Her Dad Gets Involved then She's Happy Now That She's Famous

someone suggested this needs a Tosh Redemption, I'd love to see that

Jul. 9th, 2010

lite brite mooninite

growing catnip

For the a last 2+ years I've been watching my upstairs neighbors gardening in our apartment building's communal yard, planting things like tomato plants, strawberry plants, banana trees, various herbs and shrubs and whatnot. It's always left me with the feeling that at the very least I should have something like a houseplant. So I finally made it out to Sky Nursery out on Aurora. Just walking into that place made me say to myself "what have I been missing out on all this time". Maybe it was just the floral air that made me feel all good inside, the kind that makes you want to compulsively shop for things you really don't need. Anyhow, good thing I was in a rush to meet my parents because that stuff isn't cheap at all, I got two catnip plants since they were cheap and the thought of getting cats stoned off the stuff is something I've always found amusing. So, 2 catnip plants, 2 pots, some potting soil, a watering can, and some plant food later, and I was already out $40+, good thing I called it quits there.

So, plants are potted, they've been growing quickly, and I'd like to get them big enough to where they might actually survive contact with a cat, but first I have to make sure they survive. I've been trying not to over-water the plants, and I've been experimenting with giving it lots of mid-day sun or more shaded light, I think it likes the heavy sun because the stalks are growing in the direction of the window, though they sag after a while but then as night falls they're back up again. Though I think my leaves might be sick, they have these white spots and some darker spots but from what I can google I think they're some fungal or bacterial infection, though I don't think it'll kill the plant; I guess we'll see, it's still a learning experience for me. I've also got plant insecticide so those damn aphids aren't an issue anymore. Anyhow, the things just starting to flower, which is good, this is farther than I got with previous plants before the cats could kill it.

Once I get this down I'm planting more in our communal flower garden. Lots of cats like running through there. That should be quite amusing. Hope it doesn't get out of hand though. For your amusement, please watch this cool video of cats high on catnip.
lite brite mooninite

numbers for thought

Okay, I promised to post more... but life has been very uneventful, as always. Anyhow, saw two articles posted on RawStory worth sharing:

US scientists discover antibodies that neutralize 90 pct. of known HIV strains

Study: If California legalizes marijuana, prices could drop up to 80 pct.

It's going to be the flower power days all over again, when grass was cheap and everyone made love with out rubbers. In the meantime, until that day comes, let's set the mood and chillax to some groovy tunes.

May. 12th, 2010

lite brite mooninite

Hating my Facebook | Game testing at Monolith | and X-Files vs Natural Born Killers

Thought I'd come out of my LJ hibernation and say "hi". Got a Facebook recently and I don't like it like my LJ. 420 character limits really suck, too short to say something more meaningful than "I'm doing sudoku on the shitter" and just long enough to get you started on a rant before you realize there's no point. Besides, I can barely censor myself everyday on GameSpot trying to keep my general comments under the 1500 character limit. BTW, if you wonder why I'm never on LJ and haven't been for like ever it's because of GameStop, it's just way geeky for me to stay away from.

Exciting news recently, I got to go do some volunteer game testing at Monolith Productions out in Kirkland, now owned by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. I've always wanted to see the studios as I've been a fan of Monolith for years. They make some excellent FPS games like AVP2, Tron 2.0, the Condemned and F.E.A.R. games. Lately they've developed a real talent for horror in their games, something not really in FPS games these days. The game I got to test wasn't from them but another WBIE game. I made a good guess as to what I was trying out before I was even told, though I signed a non-disclosure agreement. Anyhow, while I was there I looked all around their offices for clues as to what their next game will be. They've been pretty hush about what they're working on and haven't given any hint since they last released F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins. I've read that F.E.A.R. 3 will be developed by Day 1 Studios and Monolith will "collaborate" with them; whatever that means. Though on a trip to the bathroom I passed by their game testing area which looked rather empty. Though they did have some artwork pinned up on a corkboard and it did look rather like something from a webcomic, I thought maybe some concept art but it seems like something outside their familiar genre. Who knows, I did hear how WBIE did fire some Monolith employees but I didn't read about anything specific. Plus, now that WBIE is calling the shots maybe they're being forced to develop outside their familiar genre. Oh well.

In other recent news I've become an X-Files junky. They've all 9 seasons on Netflix so I'm watching them while I can. Just came across an episode in the first season called "Lazarus". I noticed right away that there were some striking similarities between it and Tarantino's "Natural Born Killers". First off, there was the "when I look up at the stars, I know you're looking up at the same ones" line. Then there was a mentioning about how these Bonnie and Clyde characters cut each others palms with a knife, held hands, let the blood go into the water so they'd be in all the oceans, at their wedding (!!). Then there was the obsession about not taking off the rings. It all seemed too coincidental. Then there was the bank robbery in that same episode, which Heat must have borrowed from as well since they used those hockey masks. Then basically the story was like Fallen, which also came later, but I guess you could say that Shockers predates them both. Anyhow, besides noticing this it just seemed like a run of the mill X-Files episode, but it interests me that it could have led to some multiple uninspired works, and also interesting when looking at similarities between it and Tarantino's film, it shows some Hollywood espionage at work in either direction since one must of ripped off the other in their production stages.

yawn, okay, back to doing nothing important at all, I hope to get in the habit of posting on my LJ more... but we'll see, it could be days, weeks, months, time will tell

EDIT: oh, forgot, it was Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers", Tarantino wrote it though

Mar. 1st, 2010

lite brite mooninite



Nov. 9th, 2009

lite brite mooninite

my moment-of-geek celebration

So, as a gamer with a particular love of the survival horror genre, I was very disappointed that Nintendo canceled their planned release of Fatal Frame IV for the Wii. The first three games I've played on the PS2 and found to be exceptionally frightening, and I was looking forward to terrifying myself at late hours of the night with the fourth installment... then Nintendo was like "nah, ain't happening" - fuckers. What had happened was the game, like most Japanese games, was released in Japan first, where it had failed to captivate the consumer demand of young children, geriatrics, and soccer moms, and all those non-traditional gaming demographics that the Wii's mass appeal was supposedly such a hit with. Despite favorable critical reception, the game only sold some 60,000 copies in the first 6 months on the Japanese market, and as a result, Nintendo has since decided not to publish this game outside Japan. Now, keep in mind the Fatal Frame series (also known as "Project Zero" or "Zero" internationally) was originally a Tecmo Games series, so its quite baffling as to why Tecmo made the concession of allowing Nintendo to have any publishing rights or decision making voice with concerns to this game. Despite Tecmo's desire to publish this game outside Japan, they can't. This has left many frustrated fans of the series like myself sending Nintendo some colorful emails chock-full of four letter poetry.

Anyhow, to the original intent of my post - today I'm celebrating the near completion of patch for this game that will run on the Wii's SD card reader, working with the Japanese version of the game, to allow people like myself to play an imported version of the game by not only going around the game's regional coding, but also translating the game for English speaking players. The team responsible for this patch is comprised of volunteers, working not only to translate the games text, but also to replace some textures containing text with their appropriate English equivalent. They're also debugging this game and testing it to make sure it runs rights. I'm sure there's bound to be problems but I'm too much of a fan of the series and this rogue effort that I cannot pass this up. They're also making the effort to expand the credits to credit everyone involved in this project, as well as add extra features such as customized costumes, cultural notes, walkthroughs, fan art, cosplay photos, and soundtrack access. Hurray!! Now I just have to get my hands on a copy of this game.

I doubt anybody reading this cares, but you can find out more this at the project webiste, http://zero4.higashinoeden.com/media.php5. There's also a video which I'll embed right here below the post showing an incomplete version of the translation patch working with the game. Looks good enough to me. ^_^

Oct. 1st, 2009

lite brite mooninite

oh-so-many movies to see; possible movie marathon?

I was checking RottenTomatoes out, seems like four movies I wanna see all get released this weekend, all getting relatively fresh ratings, which are Zombieland, Whip It, Capitalism: A Love Story, and A Serious Man. Sheesh, if I was dedicated, I'd take the entire Friday off just to see all these movies... oh god, I might actually consider it; and, I could probably pull it off if I can wake up before noon... guess we'll see if I got what it takes.

[checking showtimes]

Awwwww, A Serious Man isn't playing, limited screenings, dang, and I love the Coen brothers. Oh well, three movies in one day is still excessive. Luckily, they're all playing at Pacific Place, so I can roll with the same bucket of popcorn all day and get my money's worth. Also, they're all getting midnight showings Thursday evening, but I'm gonna need my beauty rest, and I need my beauty rest.

As for midnight showings, you all should go see Paranormal Activity (check the trailer in the hyperlink). I was very skeptical that the trailer was misleading promotion material (because if you haven't watch the trailer it's one of those showing audience reaction and advertising itself as the scariest thing ever, all that good stuff that's usually to good too be true), but it's exactly like it advertises itself, hella freaky!! I got my brother and sister to go see it with me (which is entirely another story in itself, as my brother and sister haven't been talking for ages, but I digress...), and the only showings for this film are midnight showings on Friday and Saturday at the Neptune theater in the University District. This really helped pack the theater full at every corner, which was just the right environment for contagious emotion caused by such a massive audience, full of ooooooos and aaaaahhhs you can't help but completely empathize with. I suggest you not pass this up, it won't be the same on video.

Sep. 22nd, 2009

lite brite mooninite

"Skulldilocks and the Seven Scorpions" by Rob Zombee

Went to the Halo ODST midnight launch. Rob and I nerded out in front of the store for 2 hours while we waited for our copies, then went home to play with our like minded friends on Live. Also picked up a copy of Katamari Forever, which I'll get to playing later. And I even found a good sale on DVDs next door at Barnes & Noble, which is surprising because their DVDs are so marked up to begin with, but I felt it was worth it to pick up the 6th volume of Aqua Teen Hugner. Anyhow, while a nameless other and I were preparing for some online mayhem, over a sacred ritual of burning herb, we got quite a kick out of this clip...

It's funny, I never really liked this show for years until I was in the hospital in the middle of the night with a kidney stone, and while I was all doped up some kind of überawesome painkiller for bone surgery I got a little TV time; hence when I discovered the true genius of the show. It's amazing how they can pack so much humor into 11 minute episodes. Anyhow, this clip here was our stoner moment of uncontrollable laughter for the night, and I just thought I'd share the love. Anyhow, if you're on XBL, get Halo ODST, that shit is bananers.

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